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3 months ago

SEN'LAMPES: Illuminating Education in Rural Senegal


About This Deal

One of the primary objectives of Schola Africa in Senegal is to enhance the educational conditions for children, particularly addressing the significant obstacle of limited access to electricity in rural areas. With the sun setting relatively early in Senegal, around 6 PM, children are deprived of the opportunity to do their homework.

In Senegal, over 52.6% of households in rural areas lack access to electricity, and 50% of children's learning occurs outside of formal school hours, primarily at home.

In response to this challenge, Akuo and Schola Africa introduce the Sen'Lampes project (meaning "Their Lamps" in Wolof). To address the electricity shortage in some households, the initiative involves distributing solar lamps to schools in Senegalese rural areas, located several kilometers from the city of Saint-Louis and often inaccessible. This sustainable solution aims to provide the necessary electrical autonomy to beneficiaries at sunset.

Schola Africa, founded in 2000 in Burkina Faso and expanded to Senegal in 2018, is an international solidarity association focused on promoting primary education and vocational training for women. Born from the collaboration between a Burkinabè professor and a student from EDHEC Business School, Schola Africa upholds two fundamental values in all its initiatives: continuous support and participatory development.

Operating under the auspices of the Fondation de Luxembourg, the Akuo Foundation undertakes and supports non-profit sustainable development projects, offering partners the opportunity to collaborate in favor of disadvantaged populations and environmental protection worldwide. Established in June 2011 by the Akuo Group, the foundation reflects the core commitment to sustainable development embedded in the group's activities, founded by entrepreneurs dedicated to proposing new energy models.

Akuo's employees, deeply committed to philanthropy, contribute their expertise to projects supported by the Foundation, actively engaging in their development. In line with this commitment, the Akuo Foundation aims to amplify its impact and invites partners to join in supporting an increasing number of solidarity projects.

SEN'LAMPES is a testament to this commitment – a beacon of light illuminating the importance of education for children in rural Senegal. Through SEN'LAMPES, Schola Africa, under the patronage of the Akuo Foundation, strives to make education more accessible, leveraging sustainable solutions to empower communities. Join us in this illuminating journey as we collectively work towards fostering education, community development, and sustainable practices in rural Senegal.