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Body After Birth - A Visual and Verbal Exploration

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About This Deal

The project, "Body After Birth," is a collaborative effort between photographer Signe Alvarez and midwife Kristiane Waldhausen. It seeks to initiate a dialogue about societal standards and perceptions surrounding women's postpartum bodies. The content aims to foster a sense of community and spark enlightening discussions that extend beyond individual readers, stimulating public discourse.


This book actively engages its audience, serving as a platform for solidarity and presenting diverse experiences and perspectives. Through honest black-and-white photographs taken by Signe Øllgaard, the project portrays mothers in their natural state, without retouching or manipulation. These images, captured in the mothers' homes with natural light, offer a genuine portrayal of the postpartum body after pregnancy and childbirth.


The collaboration incorporates the expertise of midwife Kristiane Waldhausen, who engages in candid conversations with the mothers, providing a professional perspective. The project emphasizes that no one stands alone and encourages individuals to find relatability in shared experiences. Beyond the personal narratives, the book also addresses topics such as cesarean sections, stretch marks, loose skin, abortion, postpartum reactions, and the lifelong relationship with the female body.


Photographer Signe Øllgaard and midwife Kristiane Waldhausen leverage their respective professional backgrounds and collaborate with other experts to contribute valuable insights to the various themes explored in the book.


Having spent approximately 2.5 years collecting stories and photographs from over 35 mothers, the project is poised to break taboos and initiate conversations. With the support of a Danish publisher and interest from various professionals and organizations, the only missing piece is funding for the printing and publication of the book.


The creators express gratitude for the support and emphasize that contributions, regardless of rewards, play a crucial role in realizing the project and its mission.