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Empowering Entrepreneurs in Samoa: Invest in SPBD Samoa 4 for Sustainable Growth

/ max. 150,000 

About This Deal

In Samoa, SPBD addresses financial challenges for families striving to improve their lives through group loans and business support. Your investment in "Samoa SPBD 4" empowers 155 entrepreneurs, predominantly women, providing essential resources to kickstart their businesses.


SPBD Samoa operates with a unique blend of microcredit and business support, especially through group loan programs. Operating in the remote South Pacific island of Samoa, the institution focuses on local entrepreneurs, with a strong emphasis on women in rural communities. Limited digital banking services require in-person loan collections and weekly meetings facilitated by Field Officers to foster community and collaboration among entrepreneurs.


This group lending approach plays a pivotal role in strengthening community economies, with about 70% of efforts directed towards the rural areas of Upolu and Savaii islands, helping entrepreneurs start or expand their businesses.


Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) are vital for economic growth, especially in Samoa, where 25% of families live below the poverty line of US$2 per day. SPBD Samoa targets this sector, particularly female entrepreneurs, addressing challenges such as limited access to funding, lack of business guidance, and gender-related obstacles. The project's structured loan program supports 155 female-led micro-entrepreneurs and SMEs, contributing to sustainable community development.


With an annual interest rate of 5.75%, the 24-month loan maturity involves equal installments every six months, including interest. A 1,000 euro investment is anticipated to yield a repayment of 1,072 euros.


Founded in 2000 by social entrepreneur Gregory Casagrande, SPBD Samoa focuses on financial inclusion in the South Pacific. Initially established in Samoa, the initiative has expanded to Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, and the Solomon Islands. SPBD Samoa has disbursed 117,000 loans totaling USD $100 million, achieving financial stability by 2007. The organization offers diverse loan types, promoting economic growth and empowering women.