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May 13, 2024

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Boomerang.dk Crowdfunding Platform

Boomerang.dk stands as Denmark's pioneering crowdfunding platform, offering a dynamic space for individuals to create and support projects spanning categories such as music, film, books, sports, technology, social innovation, energy, and more. Serving as a showcase for innovative ideas, the platform emerged in 2009 and went live on April 14, 2011, marking a transformative era in crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding, a relatively "new" concept on boomerang.dk, traces its roots back to ancient Rome. The platform provides an exciting avenue for creative projects and initiatives that struggled historically to secure affordable and risk-friendly capital. With the internet's advent, reaching one's network or 'crowd' became more accessible, quicker, and cost-effective, making it a crucial element of crowdfunding on boomerang.dk.

The linchpin of crowdfunding success is one's network, encompassing both personal and professional connections. Activating and engaging this network becomes a focal point, fostering closer connections for future projects.

Crafting a compelling project description, accompanied by a video presentation and enticing rewards, forms the cornerstone of a successful crowdfunding campaign. Boomerang.dk emphasizes the importance of investing effort in this aspect and provides a platform for users to create their project descriptions.

Creating a video pitch that introduces the project, the creator, the team, and highlights why backers should support the project is highly recommended. Projects with a video pitch tend to achieve higher funding success rates, based on a decade of experience and international trends.

The rewards, or products offered to backers, should be carefully planned and presented. Recognizing the "what's in it for me" perspective, backers are more likely to support a project with appealing rewards. The rewards, along with the project video, are identified as the two most crucial elements of a crowdfunding campaign.

Viewing a crowdfunding project as a "webshop," where products (rewards) are sold to customers (crowdfunders) who pay upfront, facilitates the generation of liquidity when the project concludes. This reward-based crowdfunding model aligns with e-commerce practices and is regulated by the Danish Sale of Goods Act.

Boomerang.dk supports reward-based crowdfunding, standing as the only platform of its kind in Denmark. In 2017, it ranked as the second-largest type of crowdfunding in terms of revenue and the largest in terms of the number of Danish users and projects.

There are four types of crowdfunding, each serving distinct purposes:

  • Donations Crowdfunding: Regulated by the Fundraising Act, this type involves collecting funds for various causes, often associated with personal charity. It is more commonly utilized by non-profit organizations and NGOs.
  • Reward-Based Crowdfunding: Boomerang.dk falls under this category, allowing individuals, startups, businesses, and organizations to sell products, services, or events in advance to secure funding. Backers receive rewards in return.
  • Lending Crowdfunding: This type enables individuals to lend money to businesses. Lenders typically receive repayment in the form of monthly installments, consisting of both principal and interest. Lending crowdfunding platforms are regulated by financial laws and are supervised by authorities like Finanstilsynet.
  • Investment Crowdfunding: This type permits individuals to invest in unlisted Danish stocks, offering ownership in small companies not listed on official stock exchanges. Regulated similarly to lending crowdfunding, it is monitored by Finanstilsynet.

Boomerang.dk stands out as a dynamic crowdfunding platform, providing a diverse range of opportunities for creators and backers alike. Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking startup capital, an artist looking to fund a project, or an individual wanting to support innovative initiatives, boomerang.dk offers a vibrant space to connect and bring ideas to life.