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Empowering Ecuadorian Women: Invest in Espoir 4 for Economic Growth and Gender Equality

/ max. 150,000 

About This Deal

Espoir, an Ecuadorian NGO established in 1992, focuses on supporting female microentrepreneurs through its project "Espoir 4." Operating in six provinces with 48,927 clients, mainly women in marginalized urban and rural areas, Espoir's approach involves group loans and educational sessions.


The project addresses the unique challenges faced by female entrepreneurs, often heads of households, operating in the informal sector. Espoir not only provides financial assistance but also equips them with tools for consistent income and business growth. This multifaceted support is essential in combating the rural poverty rate of 46% in Ecuador.


Investing in "Espoir 4" contributes to social impact beyond financial returns. Clients gain access to medical insurance, creating a safety net for families. In 2022, 45,423 educational sessions enhanced knowledge and skills, with a focus on sustainable practices for small farmers.


The financial aspect of the investment includes a 6% annual interest rate and a 24-month maturity period. The first repayment occurs after a grace period of 12 months, followed by repayments every 6 months. Despite potential currency risks due to the loan being in USD, a 1,000 euro investment is expected to yield a total repayment of 1,090 euros.


Against the backdrop of Ecuador's national poverty rate (27%, with 10.8% in extreme poverty), Espoir actively contributes over $110 million to the economy annually, providing 89,000 loans. Espoir 4 aims to amplify this impact, fostering a brighter and more resilient future for Ecuador's female entrepreneurs.


Espoir, with its 425 employees, operates as a beacon of hope, addressing economic challenges, promoting social progress, and improving health in underprivileged communities. By investing in "Espoir 4," you become part of a transformative journey that supports gender equality and empowers female entrepreneurs, making a lasting impact on Ecuador's landscape.