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Empowering Indonesian Entrepreneurs: Invest in Funding Societies 27 for SME Growth

/ max. 250,000 

About This Deal

Dennis, the owner of a video production firm in Jakarta, faced challenges accessing loans from traditional banks due to the intangible nature of his company's main asset - the team's talent. Thanks to Funding Societies, also known as Modalku in Indonesia, Dennis can now rent equipment and excel in Indonesia's film sector. Your investment supports 37 entrepreneurs like Dennis, empowering them to achieve their business goals.


Funding Societies is a pioneering SME digital financing platform dedicated to enhancing financial inclusivity in Southeast Asia. With a track record of providing over $3.2 billion in SME loans to approximately 100,000 businesses across the region, their impact on financial inclusion is significant. While Indonesia is their primary market, they also operate in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.


Unlike traditional institutions focusing on longer-term, secured financing, Funding Societies offers SMEs the chance to acquire financing without collateral, providing a quicker pathway to credit. Kelvin Teo, CEO of Funding Societies, emphasizes their commitment to empowering SMEs for growth through financing, payments, and other financial services.


Your investment enables Funding Societies to provide micro-loans to 37 e-commerce, agriculture, and wholesale business owners in Indonesia, contributing to financial inclusion in Southeast Asia. Microloans offer a pathway to local economic stability and the empowerment of women. These loans allow entrepreneurs to acquire necessary materials, maintain customer flexibility, and operate efficiently, ensuring stable employment.


With an annual interest rate of 6% and an 18-month maturity, your investment will be repaid in equal installments, along with interest, every six months. For a 1,000 euro investment, the expected return would be 1,060 euros.


Specializing in facilitating financial access for underserved SMEs across Southeast Asia, Funding Societies operates primarily in Indonesia. Over the past 5 years, it has financed over €815 million through 3 million+ business loans, engaging over 250,000 registered investors. The mission revolves around bridging the $320 billion SME funding gap in the region by bringing SMEs and investors together, stimulating economic growth and prosperity.


Funding Societies believes in the principle that 'Stronger SMEs create Stronger Societies.' Their business model directly contributes to this vision by enabling SMEs to become key drivers of economic growth and job creation. Active in Southeast Asia, Funding Societies aims to make a considerable impact on the regional economy, promoting financial inclusivity, and enhancing local wellbeing.


By investing in Funding Societies, you are not just supporting a financial platform; you are contributing directly to the growth of societies and economies across Southeast Asia.


Founded in 2015 with headquarters in Singapore, Funding Societies has 600+ employees and has financed over €3 billion in loans. They have disbursed over 80,000 SME loans and are active in 5 markets across Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.