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2 months ago

Rum for fællesskab - Building Spaces for Community in Denmark

50 kr
/ max. 150,000 kr

About This Deal

"Rum for fællesskab" invites you to join the initiative of transforming a dilapidated farm from 1861 into a vibrant hub of life and community at Bygagergaard. This entrepreneurial project, led by Anna Falch, envisions creating a space that fosters connection and unity among people, culture, and nature. The farm's revitalization aims to turn it into a nature hotel, café, concert venue, and event space.


The crowdfunding campaign seeks to raise funds specifically for constructing a community space, expanding opportunities for gatherings beyond the summer season on Møn. Anna's vision for Bygagergaard materialized in 2021 when she acquired the run-down farm, driven by the dream of establishing a place where individuals could come together, connecting with each other, culture, and nature.


Bygagergaard already boasts a charming old barn, hosting community events like free concerts and markets during the summer. However, the barn is impractical for winter use due to its chilly conditions. Anna's aspiration is to collectively initiate the construction of a hall that can be utilized during the winter months.


Your support for the project, whatever the amount, contributes to building spaces for community engagement. The campaign's website outlines the rewards corresponding to different support levels, ranging from 50 DKK to 150,000 DKK. Join this crowdfunding effort to help bring Anna's vision to life and create a year-round space for fostering connections and shared experiences.