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La Centaurée: A Unique Blend of Flowers and Equestrian Haven


About This Deal

La Centaurée is not just a flower; it's also a thriving equestrian center that has been a passion project for Nathalie for the past 15 years. The name draws inspiration from the mountain flower, also known as the cornflower, believed to have healing properties for Chiron, the wise and benevolent centaur. This dual identity captures the essence of La Centaurée.


Nathalie's journey began with a love for animals, particularly horses. Starting with goat farming, her passion eventually led her to establish an equestrian center with limited resources. At the age of 19, she proudly purchased her first two mares, expanding her herd over the years with the addition of more horses and ponies.


As a determined and dedicated rider, Nathalie transitioned from solo horseback travels to teaching, a revelation that shaped her path. Investing her earnings without taking loans, she obtained her coaching certification in 2008 and opened her equestrian center.


Facing a forced relocation two years ago and the non-renewal of her farming lease, Nathalie had to take her first bank loan to establish new facilities in a safer but more challenging rural location. Despite the hurdles, her loyal clientele followed, ensuring the continuity of her venture.


La Centaurée stands out as an equestrian center embracing new methods and eco-responsibility. With approximately 20 horses and ponies residing on an 8-hectare farm, Nathalie offers year-round courses, workshops, horseback rides, and even breeds Shetland ponies for the delight of both children and adults.


The center focuses on ethology, ground activities, dressage, obstacle training, and horseback archery—all conducted with a respectful, patient, and caring approach. To feed her horses, Nathalie, with the help of her partner Christian, revitalized unused land for hay and sainfoin production.


Additionally, about 170 olive trees grace the new location, with horse manure enhancing orchard fertility. The farm avoids chemical treatments, selling locally produced olive oil, table olives, and olive paste. La Centaurée follows an eco-responsible approach, minimizing horse transportation in favor of horseback journeys and prioritizing horseback transhumance to cooler altitudes during hot summers.


Retired horses find purpose in maintaining organic aromatic plant crops, fostering a benevolent partnership between Nathalie and local farmers. As a centauress and a skilled farrier for the past five years, Nathalie independently cares for her horses' hooves, a meditative practice she deeply enjoys.


Today, Nathalie finds herself at the limit of her financial capacity for further investment. Determined not to take on additional loans, she seeks support to complete the project on her new premises. The goal is to make the venture financially sustainable for future generations.


The project aims to transform the arid location into pastureland, utilizing horse manure to enhance soil structure over time. The vision is to integrate plant production, olive cultivation, and animal husbandry, fostering a harmonious relationship with the land and animals. La Centaurée strives to continue its equestrian activities, shifting the focus from sports performance to mutual respect and environmental consciousness.


Contributions will support specific needs, including wood chips for a mini-arena and a round pen, a used mower for land maintenance, a second-hand 3000L water tank for remote pastures, and a pre-owned round baler for hay production.


Nathalie's qualifications include BEPA caprin (Professional Agricultural Diploma in goat farming and dairy production), ATE (Equestrian Hiking Accompanist), and BEES 1st degree (Sports Educator Diploma in Equestrian Activities).


Living her passion, Nathalie acknowledges the challenges but cherishes the fulfillment of her dreams. At 56, she continues to have fresh ideas for her activity, aspiring to share the myth of the centaur beyond borders.


Support La Centaurée to witness the convergence of flowers, horses, and a dedicated centauress creating a unique haven for both nature and equestrian enthusiasts.

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