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Blue Bees Crowdfunding Platform

Blue Bees is a crowdfunding platform that focuses on supporting sustainable agriculture, food, and entrepreneurship projects. Founded in 2012 and based in France, Blue Bees serves as a bridge between innovators with impactful ideas and individuals or organizations interested in contributing financially. The platform operates under the ECSP license number 14006337, ensuring transparency and compliance with regulations.

Blue Bees offers a unique opportunity for individuals and groups to make donations to projects that align with their values and interests. The minimum donation amount on the platform is 50 EUR, making it accessible for a wide range of potential supporters. The platform does not disclose the total amount donated or the number of donors, which may vary depending on the projects listed.

One of the key features of Blue Bees is its focus on sustainability. By specifically targeting projects related to sustainable agriculture, food production, and entrepreneurship, the platform aims to support initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment and society. This focus sets Blue Bees apart from more general crowdfunding platforms, attracting users who are passionate about sustainability and social responsibility.

The language of the platform is primarily French, reflecting its base of operations in France. This may limit accessibility for non-French speakers, but it also creates a more localized and community-oriented atmosphere for users within the country. Projects listed on Blue Bees are likely to be based in France or have a strong connection to the local community, further emphasizing the platform's commitment to supporting sustainable initiatives at a grassroots level.

Overall, Blue Bees provides a valuable resource for individuals and organizations looking to support sustainable projects in the fields of agriculture, food production, and entrepreneurship. With its donation-based model, focus on sustainability, and emphasis on local impact, the platform offers a unique crowdfunding experience for those seeking to make a difference in these important areas.