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4 months ago

Empowering Fitness: Supporting the Expansion of AurumFit's Science-Based Strength Training Program

/ min. $400


Trebol Core GmbH, a prominent Swiss entity in the fitness, wellness, and health industry, is embarking on an exciting venture to expand its successful personal training studio, Strongfit, by introducing a new AurumFit location. AurumFit stands out as an innovative fitness brand that specializes in science-based high-intensity strength training, employing specially designed isokinetic biofeedback equipment.


The expansion opportunity arises from the availability of a new space adjacent to Trebol Core's existing studio. To bring this vision to life, Trebol Core GmbH is seeking financial assistance amounting to CHF 95,000, offering an attractive interest rate of 13.22% over a reasonable loan duration of 48 months. The allocated funds will be strategically utilized to equip and furnish the new AurumFit location, facilitate staff training, and cover essential aspects such as rental and operating costs.


This project not only promises to elevate the fitness experience for individuals in Ermenswil but also underscores Trebol Core's commitment to delivering cutting-edge, science-based training methodologies. The AurumFit expansion aligns with the company's dedication to promoting overall well-being through innovative fitness solutions.


Your support will not only contribute to the realization of this expansion but will also play a pivotal role in bringing science-backed strength training to a broader audience. Trebol Core GmbH invites you to be part of this transformative journey, where fitness meets innovation, and health takes center stage.


Join us in fueling the growth of AurumFit and empowering individuals to achieve their fitness goals through a program grounded in scientific excellence. Your investment will be instrumental in creating a space that inspires strength, resilience, and a holistic approach to personal well-being. Together, let's shape a healthier and stronger community with AurumFit.

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