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4 months ago

Support Clean Energy: Investment in Wind Power in Brandenburg

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Invest in the construction of three wind turbines in Brandenburg, Germany, and contribute to providing clean energy to end consumers while annually saving over 20,000 tons of CO2 emissions. This project, conducted in collaboration with the crowdfunding platform GLS Crowd, aims to raise a total of 5.5 million euros. Through bettervest, 1 million euros will be funded by the crowd.


NEAG Norddeutsche Energie Invest 2 GmbH, the issuer, plans to build three wind turbines with a total capacity of 15.5 megawatts in the "Trebitz 1" Wind Park in Brandenburg. The objective is to produce and market renewable energy, while your investment provides capital for the development of additional wind parks in the future.


The sustainable and economic impact of this project is substantial. NEAG Norddeutsche Energie Invest 2 GmbH, through strategic investments, creates secure jobs and exhibits annual economic growth. The company adheres to social conventions, focusing on full employment, equal pay, and fostering continuous education for its workforce.


The climate protection aspect of this investment is significant, with the three turbines projected to produce approximately 30,000,000 kilowatt-hours annually, resulting in a yearly reduction of over 20,000 tons of CO2 emissions. Your investment, covering about 18.2% of the project, equates to saving 3,636.4 tons of CO2.


To mitigate risks, payments are secured by a guarantee from the parent company, NEAG Norddeutsche Energie AG. In case NEAG Norddeutsche Energie Invest 2 GmbH fails to meet its obligations, NEAG Norddeutsche Energie AG will cover the payments for the issuer. Additionally, a Cross-Default Clause provides investors the right to terminate the bond if any NEAG group company fails to meet a claim over €100,000.


NEAG-Gruppe, operating as an owner-managed medium-sized enterprise for over 20 years, has successfully placed investments in the double-digit million range annually since 2017. With 106 wind turbines generating 314.5 megawatts, the group is in the planning and construction phase of an additional 35 wind turbines with 182.2 megawatts.


Your investment in NEAG Norddeutsche Energie Invest 2 GmbH supports the expansion of wind energy, contributes to sustainability, and aligns with the company's goal of doubling its wind park capacity.

I like that NEAG-Gruppe has a track record in wind energy investments. The fact that they've been successfully operating for over 20 years and planning more wind turbines is reassuring.

​​How can my investment specifically help in doubling their wind park capacity?
flew to frankfurt once, saw a lot of wind turbines there... entire fields of them

impressive, what can i say
What's the investment ticket size you're looking at for this project?