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Unfortunately, this deal expired 05.04.2024
2 months ago

Investment Opportunity: Ongoing Residential Development in Trollhättan

30,000 kr
/ max. 8,000,000 kr

About This Deal

Licher Ekonomisk Förening presents an exciting investment opportunity in Trollhättan's burgeoning real estate market. Currently underway is the construction of 14 condominiums, financed through Tessin, in the heart of Trollhättan. The first building structure is already completed, with the second scheduled for erection in April. Both buildings are expected to be ready for occupancy by August 2024. This investment offers a lucrative annual return of 14% over a period of up to 10 months, secured by property liens, personal guarantees, and limited personal collateral.


In addition to this, another development of 14 condominiums in Velanda, a picturesque villa community just 10 minutes from Trollhättan city center, is also underway. With a projected revenue of approximately 59.6 million SEK, this project spans two phases totaling 27 residences. Notably, four units have already been sold, indicating strong market demand. Prices for these residences range between 2.5 million and 3 million SEK, with occupancy slated to commence from August 2024 onwards.


This investment opportunity encompasses the funding of the first phase of a project comprising three row housing units, totaling 14 residences. Construction progress is significant, with the first building structure complete and interior work initiated. The second structure is paid for and scheduled for erection in April 2024. The completion of both structures is expected by summer, with occupancy anticipated by August 2024. The project benefits from the developer's proven track record, having successfully repaid five previous loans totaling 55 million SEK.


Currently, the company seeks to raise 8 million SEK in its fourth of five planned capital fundraising rounds to support ongoing construction. With an annual return of 14%, secured by robust collateral, this investment presents a compelling opportunity for investors. The offering is backed by companies collectively reporting assets of approximately 60 million SEK as of June 30, 2023.


Key strengths of the project include the completion of one of three building structures and the provision of personal guarantees. With occupancy expected in Q3 2024, investors have the opportunity to capitalize on Trollhättan's growing real estate market.


Don't miss out on this chance to invest in the future of Trollhättan's residential landscape.

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