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2 months ago

K129, Vilnius II: High-Yield Real Estate Investment Opportunity

/ max. 159,300 

About This Deal

InRento is presenting the K129, Vilnius II project, a second and final phase of financing for a set of ten fully furnished apartments in Vilnius. The project offers an attractive annual fixed-return rate ranging from 9% to 9.5%, coupled with a fixed 1.5% annual capital gain. The total area of the financed project is 306.79 m², comprising ten individual rooms, each equipped with private amenities. Positioned for short-term rentals, these apartments have garnered positive reviews on Booking.com, with a promising income history.


Strategically located near key attractions such as the Avia Solutions Group Arena and major shopping centers, the project benefits from competitive pricing, attracting both tourists and business travelers. The experienced project owner, K129 Living team, boasts over 20 years of expertise in real estate sales, development, and leasing. The apartments have already demonstrated a cashflow history, generating EUR 60,000 in rental income from August 2023 to year-end, with a 75% occupancy rate.


The K129 Living team foresees a projected rental income of EUR 145,250 from the current year to 2024, targeting an occupancy rate of at least 80%. Investors stand to receive a fixed monthly interest rate of 9% - 9.5%, depending on the invested amount, along with an annual fixed capital growth rate of 1.5%, paid at the end of the project. The mortgage for the project is in place, ensuring interest accrual for investors begins promptly upon fund disbursement. The project's maximum duration is set at 36 months, providing an opportunity for substantial and stable returns on investment.

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