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2 months ago

M8 Co-living, Vilnius IV: Lucrative Investment Opportunity in Vibrant Lofts


About This Deal

Discover a prime investment opportunity in the heart of Vilnius with the M8 Co-living, Vilnius IV project. Led by the experienced project owner, Linas Ginaitis, this venture involves the transformation of existing premises into 19 stylish lofts, adding to the success of previously developed projects in the same locale.


Investors stand to gain a competitive annual fixed-return rate of 8% – 8.4%, depending on their investment amount. Additionally, a fixed annual capital gain of 1.5% awaits investors at the end of the project, enhancing the overall yield to an impressive 9.5% – 9.9%. The interest, paid monthly, ensures a steady income stream for investors throughout the project's duration.


With a loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of 70%, this project maintains a solid financial structure, emphasizing its stability. An independent appraiser has valued the premises at EUR 685,000, providing a transparent perspective on the project's worth.


The M8 Co-living, Vilnius IV project covers a total area of 600.87 m², contributing to the ongoing development of the buy-to-let market. The plan includes converting these premises into separate lofts, building on the success of similar projects on other floors within the same building.


Project owner Linas Ginaitis has a proven track record, successfully managing multiple buy-to-let projects on the InRento platform without a single late or default payment. The anticipated monthly rental income of EUR 6,650 is set to cover the interest payments to investors, ensuring a reliable revenue stream.


Investors should be aware that the mortgage for this project has been signed, and interest for this phase will commence accruing as soon as the funds are disbursed to the project owner. Dive into the M8 Co-living, Vilnius IV project – a promising investment opportunity with a seasoned project owner, attractive returns, and a thriving location in Vilnius.

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