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3 months ago

Trinidad Real Estate Investment: Mortgage-Backed Flipping


About This Deal

Explore a unique real estate financing opportunity with mortgage-backed assurance – an exciting venture in real estate flipping by Paricma 2007 SL, located on the picturesque island of Gran Canaria.


This investment revolves around the formalization of a purchase agreement for eight duplex-style residences, each spanning 135 m2. Boasting three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a garage, and a storage unit, these properties have undergone meticulous renovation by the developer, tailored for optimal market appeal.


Nestled in a residential enclave of a charming municipality on Gran Canaria, these properties offer an enticing proposition, just a few kilometers from the coastline. An idyllic setting for peaceful living, with the added advantage of proximity to the vibrant Las Palmas city center and easy access to the stunning Gran Canaria coastline.


The architects behind this project have seamlessly blended functional upgrades with recreational spaces and breathtaking views. The quality of construction and finishes aligns with the high demand in the market for such well-crafted residences.


In a strategic move, the developer has chosen to reserve three of the residences for immediate marketing, while the remaining five will be introduced to the market over a more extended timeframe. This approach, guided by the project roadmap, ensures efficiency and profitability. According to the project's timeline, the commercialization and the second payment's repayment window in early 2024 provide ample time for a well-paced marketing strategy, aligning with the region's real estate market dynamics.


Don't miss the chance to be part of this exciting real estate venture, combining strategic foresight with the allure of Gran Canaria's coastal living. Invest in Trinidad for a secure and lucrative mortgage-backed flipping opportunity.

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