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Invest in Tranquil Living: Dobrovoles Village Real Estate Project in Traku District

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Business Lending

Unveil the potential for rewarding investment in the "Traku district Dobrovoles village, Ateities st." project, a testament to the expertise of the project owner and a commitment to delivering exceptional real estate projects. Partnering with PROFITUS, the project owner has successfully completed seven unique projects, ensuring timely settlements for investors in each endeavor, including "Lapino namai," "Namas Dusmenu g.," and "Biciuliu namai."


About the Project:

Situated in the picturesque "Biciuliu terasos" quarter, "Lapino namai" is a new-build block of detached houses. The project focuses on developing A+ energy-class dwellings, characterized by unified architecture and spacious 8-10 acre plots for each house. Surrounded by forests, Trakai lakes, and the historic castle, residents can enjoy a peaceful lifestyle with convenient access to nature. The houses, ranging from 80 to 120 square meters, will be available for sale, with an estimated project sales income of EUR 10,445,600.


Project Progress:

Recent funding phases have propelled the project forward, resulting in the completion of the house at 42 Ateities Street and the façades at 52, 54, and 56 Ateities Street. Interior finishing works are in progress, while foundations have been laid, and essential installations completed at Ateities Street 70, 72.


Investment Details:

The project seeks a maximum financing amount of EUR 3,000,000, with an active portfolio of EUR 1,082,629.04. Financing is based on the current collateral valuation until reaching a maximum Loan-to-Value (LTV) of 70%. The current LTV for this stage is 56%, ensuring a balanced risk profile. Interest rates vary based on the investment amount, offering a competitive range from 10.5% to 12.5%.


Early Return Rules:

Investors benefit from the flexibility of early returns, allowing the project owner to repay part or all of the loan ahead of schedule. Co-paid interest must cover at least a 3-month period.


Technical Information:

  • Number of Assets: 6
  • Area of Object: 939.65 square meters
  • Project Place Description: Located in the northern part of Dobrovoles village, in the "Biciuliu terasos" quarter, with convenient access to Vilnius City and Trakai District. Surrounded by lakes and accessible by private transport, the site offers a tranquil living environment.


Securities and Investor Protection:

To safeguard investor interests, 6 residential houses and 10 land plots totaling 0.9302 hectares are pledged. These assets secure the project owner's obligations in subsequent financing rounds, provided the LTV is maintained at 70%. Investors across all phases benefit from a first mortgage.


Independent Appraiser:

The mortgaged property's value, assessed by UAB "Ober-haus," is €2,096,400.00 with VAT.


Participate in this exciting venture and contribute to the creation of quality homes in a flourishing community. Secure your investment, enjoy competitive returns, and become a part of the success story in Dobrovoles village, Traku District. Invest wisely with confidence.