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Unfortunately, this deal expired 15.03.2024
3 months ago

Invest in Culinary Excellence: Luchs AG's European Expansion Journey


About This Deal

Luchs AG, a prominent provider of catering equipment in Germany and Austria, brings over 25 years of expertise and a robust multi-channel approach. Their bond offering, facilitated by CONDA Capital GmbH, seeks €800,000 for expansion.

Founded in 1999 by Christoph Koppik, Luchs AG evolved from a traditional catalog retailer into a dynamic multi-channel provider, serving esteemed clients in hotels, restaurants, schools, and healthcare. The company thrived on adapting its product range to meet the diverse needs of commercial kitchens, dining areas, and more.

With a focus on Germany and Austria, Luchs AG has witnessed substantial revenue growth, reaching approximately €25 million in 2023. Their success stems from a specialized team, boasting 25 years of experience, and a commitment to optimizing marketing strategies and product development.

Leveraging its extensive experience, Luchs AG introduced GASTRO DISCOUNT, an online distribution concept tailored for the European foodservice market. Unlike the German multi-channel strategy, this approach emphasizes exclusive online sales. After a successful trial in Austria, Luchs AG plans a 2024 entry into the Swiss market.

This funding campaign aims to propel Luchs AG's European expansion, specifically targeting Switzerland. GASTRO DISCOUNT focuses on B2B e-commerce, providing a fast and cost-effective solution for catering equipment needs in the gastronomy, hospitality, and large-scale catering sectors.