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4 months ago

Furuz 2: Empowering Entrepreneurs in Tajikistan through Sustainable Microfinance

/ min. $100


Meet Suhrob, a Tajik farmer whose life transformed with the help of Furuz. In 2011, Suhrob initiated his agricultural journey with a Furuz loan, cultivating vegetables and watermelons. Over time, he strategically shifted to growing lemons in greenhouses, turning into a local expert. His success story illustrates the impact of microfinance on individual lives and local economies. Now, Suhrob proudly states, "With the loans, I was able to grow my businesses and start new ones. Now, my whole family works with me."

Furuz, established in 1999 and officially transformed into the Microcredit Deposit Organization in 2005, has been a beacon of financial empowerment in Tajikistan. With support from Millennium Relief and Development Services, Furuz expanded its services beyond micro-lending to include deposits and currency exchange by 2022. The institution is dedicated to fostering sustainable development, focusing on small businesses, financial inclusion, and gender equality.

Your investment in Furuz goes beyond supporting individual entrepreneurs like Suhrob; it contributes to addressing the pressing need for sustainable, local employment solutions in Tajikistan. With a critical shortage of local jobs leading many to seek employment overseas, Furuz plays a vital role in creating opportunities for small entrepreneurs, with a special focus on rural areas. Notably, 35% of Furuz's entrepreneurs are women, emphasizing the institution's commitment to gender equality and recognizing the multiplier effect of empowering women in communities.

The financial return on your investment is substantial, with an annual interest rate of 7.5%, a loan maturity of 24 months, and a grace period for the first repayment after 12 months. For a 1,000 euro investment, the expected repayment is 1,113 euros.

Furuz's impact is not only measured in numbers but also in stories like Suhrob's and the countless entrepreneurs who have benefited from its microfinance initiatives. With 120 staff members across 8 branches, Furuz has issued over 48,000 loans, totaling $43 million USD, contributing significantly to job creation and economic growth in Tajikistan. As Furuz continues to expand and diversify its client base, your investment becomes a catalyst for positive change, fostering entrepreneurship and economic resilience in Tajikistan.

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