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Isicrowd Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

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Isicrowd Crowdfunding Platform

Isicrowd is a crowdfunding platform based in southern Italy that specializes in real estate and tourism projects. Launched in 2020, Isicrowd provides an avenue for individuals to invest in these sectors through making loans to manage operations and earn interest on their investments. The platform operates exclusively in Italy, catering to both local and international investors interested in contributing to real estate and tourism developments in the region.

With a minimum investment threshold of 50 EUR, Isicrowd offers an advertised return of 11% to its investors. The total funding volume on the platform amounts to 699,000 EUR, showcasing the potential for investors to participate in projects of varying scales. One of the key features of Isicrowd is its focus on debt investments, providing an opportunity for investors to support projects while receiving a fixed return on their contributions.

Isicrowd's platform is available in Italian, reflecting its target market and ensuring accessibility to local investors. While the platform does not provide specific information on the license number, it adheres to the regulations and standards governing crowdfunding activities in Italy. Investors on Isicrowd have the flexibility to choose from different payment options, enhancing the convenience of participating in projects through the platform.

Overall, Isicrowd serves as a valuable platform for individuals looking to engage in crowdfunding opportunities within the real estate and tourism sectors in southern Italy. By facilitating investments in these industries, Isicrowd contributes to the growth and development of local projects while offering investors the chance to earn returns on their contributions.