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How to Invest in Kiwaï

Kiwaï Crowdfunding Platform

Kiwaï is a sustainable development crowdfunding platform founded in 2019, operating in France with an ECSP license number 19006205. The platform focuses on debt investment type and is dedicated to promoting green innovation projects in Normandy. Kiwaï allows residents of Normandy to invest in these projects, ensuring capital guarantee and aligning with regional values.

The main goal of Kiwaï is to accelerate sustainable development by providing a space for citizens to support green initiatives and contribute to building a better future. By investing through Kiwaï, individuals can actively participate in the growth of green innovation in Normandy while also reflecting their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Kiwaï offers an opportunity for private investors to engage in crowdfunding initiatives within the SME sector. There are no fees charged to lenders, making it an attractive option for those looking to support sustainable projects without additional costs. The minimum investment required to start participating on the Kiwaï platform is 20€, allowing for accessibility and inclusivity in supporting green innovation.

Operating under the regulatory framework in France, Kiwaï ensures transparency and reliability in its crowdfunding activities. Additionally, the platform offers a buyback guarantee, providing an extra layer of security for investors. Kiwaï is a member of Financement Participatif France, further emphasizing its commitment to ethical and responsible crowdfunding practices.

Overall, Kiwaï serves as a bridge between investors seeking to support sustainable development and innovative projects aimed at promoting green solutions in Normandy. Through its debt investment model, capital guarantee, and regional focus, Kiwaï stands out as a platform that not only drives environmental progress but also nurtures a sense of community and shared values among its participants.