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Kredietunie Braban Crowdfunding Platform

Kredietunie Brabant is a lending cooperative founded in 2013 in the Netherlands. It operates as a P2P lending platform, connecting lenders and entrepreneurs within a private network. The platform aims to support entrepreneurs by providing them with peer support and coaching to help them succeed in their business ventures.

Kredietunie Brabant offers a unique approach to lending by creating a community where successful entrepreneurs share their resources, contacts, knowledge, and experience to assist fellow entrepreneurs in the same region. This model not only makes lending more personal and familiar but also fosters a sense of collaboration and support among members.

Each borrower on Kredietunie Brabant is assigned a coach, often one of the lenders, who works closely with the entrepreneur to help them realize their business plans. This personalized support sets Kredietunie Brabant apart from traditional lending institutions and contributes to the success of the borrowers on the platform.

The platform welcomes both personal and corporate investors who are interested in supporting SMEs through P2P lending. With a minimum investment amount of just €1, Kredietunie Brabant makes it accessible for a wide range of investors to participate in supporting small businesses and contributing to the local economy.

Overall, Kredietunie Brabant provides a platform where lenders and entrepreneurs can come together to build relationships, share knowledge, and support each other in achieving their business goals. By creating a cooperative and collaborative environment, Kredietunie Brabant aims to drive economic growth and empower entrepreneurs to succeed in their ventures.