Goteo Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with Goteo platform

Goteo Crowdfunding Platform

Goteo, founded in 2011, is a crowdfunding platform based in Spain that operates with a unique focus on projects that not only offer individual rewards but also contribute to the common good by promoting the commons, open-source code, and free knowledge. The platform's investment type is equity, allowing backers to become shareholders in the projects they support.

Goteo provides a space for creators and innovators to present their projects to a community of supporters who are interested in contributing to initiatives that have a positive impact beyond financial gain. By emphasizing the principles of collaboration, sharing, and open access, Goteo aims to foster a culture of collective participation and social responsibility in the projects it hosts.

In terms of operation, Goteo primarily focuses on projects within Spain, connecting local initiatives with a network of backers who are passionate about supporting innovative ideas that align with the platform's values. The platform offers a minimum investment of 10 EUR, making it accessible to a wide range of potential supporters who wish to contribute to projects they believe in.

One of the key features of Goteo is its support for projects that prioritize the common good and the advancement of open knowledge. By encouraging creators to share their work openly and transparently, Goteo promotes a culture of collaboration and knowledge exchange that benefits not only the individual projects but also the broader community.

Overall, Goteo serves as a platform for crowdfunding with a social impact, where backers can support projects that align with their values and contribute to the growth of a more inclusive and collaborative ecosystem. Through its focus on promoting the commons, open-source code, and free knowledge, Goteo stands out as a unique crowdfunding platform that seeks to make a positive difference in the world.