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Horeca Crowdfunding Nederland Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with Horeca Crowdfunding Nederland platform

Horeca Crowdfunding Nederland Crowdfunding Platform

Horeca Crowdfunding Nederland is a Dutch platform specializing in crowd-lending and real estate financing tailored specifically for hospitality businesses. Launched in 2013, the platform focuses on both established and new companies within the hospitality sector in the Netherlands. Horeca Crowdfunding Nederland operates under the ECSP license number 19000061 and offers investors the opportunity to receive monthly interest and repayment, while also providing the potential for hospitality-related returns.

This platform stands out as the only crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands that is dedicated solely to the hospitality industry. Investors can participate by lending starting from €250, pooling their funds with other investors to support Dutch companies engaged in the catering sector. These companies may range from new startups to well-established businesses. One of the key advantages for investors is the transparency in knowing exactly where their money is being invested, and they even have the option to visit the businesses in person if desired.

Horeca Crowdfunding Nederland ensures that the interest and repayment obligations are made on a monthly basis, reducing the risk over time. In addition to financial returns, many hospitality entrepreneurs also offer non-monetary returns through the platform. This reciprocal relationship benefits both the investor, who can enjoy hospitality services, and the company, whose revenue is boosted. The platform also extends its services to real estate financing, with the condition that the applicant is from the hospitality industry and the property is intended for catering purposes.

The founders of Horeca Crowdfunding Nederland all have backgrounds in hospitality, providing them with valuable industry knowledge that aids in evaluating crowdfunding projects. This expertise allows for a thorough assessment of investment opportunities within the hospitality sector, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the risks and potential rewards involved.

Investors on Horeca Crowdfunding Nederland can get involved with a minimum investment of €250, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals looking to support the hospitality industry in the Netherlands. The investment type offered by the platform is primarily debt-based, aligning with the financial structures commonly utilized within the hospitality sector.

Overall, Horeca Crowdfunding Nederland offers a unique and targeted crowdfunding platform for those interested in supporting and investing in the hospitality industry in the Netherlands. With a focus on transparency, monthly returns, and industry-specific expertise, the platform provides an avenue for investors to engage with and contribute to the growth of hospitality businesses in the country.