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Brickshare Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with Brickshare platform

Brickshare Crowdfunding Platform

Brickshare is Denmark's first online property investment platform, founded in 2016. The platform allows individuals to invest in real estate starting from 10,000 Kr. Brickshare handles all aspects of property purchase, rental, and administration, providing a hassle-free way for investors to enter the real estate market.

Investors on Brickshare can choose between equity investment and peer-to-peer lending, offering flexibility in investment options. The platform operates exclusively in Denmark, focusing on the local real estate market.

With a minimum investment of 5,000 EUR, Brickshare opens up real estate investment opportunities to a wide range of individuals. The platform does not specify an advertised return or provide details on the total funding volume, average loan duration, or number of investors.

Overall, Brickshare simplifies the real estate investment process, making it accessible to those looking to diversify their investment portfolio with property assets. By providing a user-friendly online platform, Brickshare aims to democratize real estate investing and offer a new way for individuals to participate in the property market in Denmark.