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Collecticity Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with Collecticity platform

Collecticity Crowdfunding Platform

Collecticity is a platform founded in 2016 in France that focuses on developing stable, attractive, and transparent savings for public or semi-public projects. The platform operates as a peer-to-peer lending investment type, with the aim of diversifying funding sources and encouraging citizen engagement. Collecticity holds an ECSP license number 15003764 and primarily operates in France.

At the core of Collecticity's mission is the desire to facilitate savings through local public or semi-public projects that have a meaningful impact. By diversifying funding sources for the public sector and territories, the platform seeks to support the development of projects that serve the general interest while fostering citizen engagement. With five years of experience, Collecticity has successfully supported numerous local authorities in their projects, earning the trust of thousands of citizens and institutional investors who choose to place their savings or invest in carefully selected development projects.

Collecticity offers opportunities for both personal and corporate investors to participate in crowdfunding initiatives, particularly in the green energy sector. The platform is a member of Financement Participatif France and provides a minimum investment amount of 50€. Through P2P lending, Collecticity enables investors to contribute to projects that align with their values and contribute to the greater good.

By leveraging its expertise and energy, Collecticity is committed to facilitating impactful investments that benefit communities and promote sustainable development. The platform's transparent approach, commitment to attractive savings opportunities, and focus on citizen engagement make it a valuable resource for individuals and organizations looking to make a difference through their investments.