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ClubFunding Crowdfunding Platform

ClubFunding is a French crowdfunding platform that was founded in 2014 with the aim of offering bonds from SMEs to investors. The platform operates in France and holds an ECSP license number 15001494. ClubFunding specializes in equity investments and focuses primarily on the real estate sector.

One of the key services provided by ClubFunding is assisting with financing for SMEs. This includes conducting credit analysis to assess the risk profile of potential investments. Investors have the opportunity to subscribe to bonds through the platform, and ClubFunding facilitates payments and provides monitoring services to track the performance of investments over time.

Investors looking to participate in projects on ClubFunding can do so with a minimum investment of 250 EUR. The platform advertises returns ranging from 7.0% to 12.0%, offering an attractive opportunity for individuals looking to diversify their investment portfolios. While specific details about the total funding volume and number of investors are not disclosed, ClubFunding has established itself as a reputable crowdfunding platform within the French market.

ClubFunding operates exclusively in France, catering to the local market and offering investment opportunities in the real estate sector. The platform is available in French, making it accessible to investors who prefer to interact in their native language. Overall, ClubFunding provides a valuable service by connecting SMEs in need of financing with investors seeking attractive returns on their investments in the real estate industry.