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How to Invest in Bricks

Bricks Crowdfunding Platform

Bricks is a real estate investment platform founded in 2021 in France with the aim of democratizing real estate investment by making it accessible to all, starting from just €10. Bricks operates under the ECSP license number FP-2023-08 and focuses on debt investments in the real estate sector.

The platform offers users the opportunity to invest in carefully selected real estate properties with high potential for profitability. These properties can include residential buildings or commercial areas. Investors can browse through the available properties on the platform and purchase "bricks," which represent units of ownership in the property, each valued at €10. By owning bricks, investors are entitled to a fraction of the property's rental income and benefit from real estate appreciation.

One of the key features of Bricks is the convenience it offers to investors. Users can explore investment opportunities and complete transactions entirely online, eliminating the need to physically visit properties or meet with agents. Additionally, Bricks provides regular rental income to investors based on the number of bricks they own, adding a passive income stream to their investment portfolio.

To participate in investments on Bricks, individuals must be of legal age and provide proof of identity during the registration process. The platform welcomes both French and non-French residents, allowing a diverse range of investors to participate in real estate crowdfunding opportunities. For natural persons, identity documents such as an identity card, passport, or residence permit are required, along with additional documents if necessary. For (non-listed) companies, documentation for legal representatives and beneficial owners, as well as company registration details, are needed to open an account.

Bricks operates as a regulated platform, offering a buyback guarantee, public statistics, a signup bonus, a secondary market for investments, and an auto-invest feature to enhance the investing experience for users. The platform focuses on debt investments, providing users with opportunities to earn returns through interest payments on their investments.

Overall, Bricks aims to make real estate investment more inclusive and transparent for individuals looking to diversify their portfolios and generate passive income. By leveraging technology and innovative investment models, Bricks provides a user-friendly platform for both seasoned and novice investors to participate in the real estate market with minimal financial barriers.