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Unfortunately, this deal expired 13.03.2024
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Pazaislis House VIII

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Real Estate Development

The Pazaislis House VIII project from Lithuania is seeking investments of 165,000 euros for Real Estate development with an expected annual return of 9.9-11.4%. The loan term is 12 months, meaning the borrower must repay the loan amount and interest within 12 months of receiving the loan.

The project's risk level on the platform is rated as C+. An A or B rating indicates lower investment risk compared to investing in projects with C or D ratings, but the returns will be lower correspondingly.

The project has a Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio of 78%, which is within the maximum value of 85%. The maximum allowable LTV for the project is 85%, which may be a restriction or standard requirement for this type of financing.

The internal project number is P00001030-8 on the licensed crowdfunding platform Profitus from Lithuania.

Please note that the information on the platform should not be construed as a recommendation, advice, or invitation to use a specific investment service and cannot be considered as the basis or part of subsequent transactions. Investing always carries the risk of losing part or all of the investments. I agree with Profitus platform and also recommend approaching investments responsibly by diversifying your investments.

Can you explain the significance of the C+ risk rating and how it might affect the overall investment, especially in comparison to projects with higher or lower ratings?
In my opinion, the risk level seems a bit high, although anything related to real estate should be more secure