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4 months ago

Investment Opportunity: Didzhioji 11, Vilnius IV

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The Didžioji 11, Vilnius IV project by InRento offers an annual fixed-return rate of 7.5% - 7.9%, coupled with a fixed 1.5% annual capital gain. The property's prime location near Vilnius Town Hall enhances its attractiveness. Investors can enjoy monthly interest payments, with an appealing annual return, and an extra fixed capital gains return at the project's conclusion.


Presented as the final stage of financing, this buy-to-let project features fully furnished apartments in Vilnius's Old Town, specifically on Didžioji Street 11. The property spans 112.22 m², housing units designed to maximize rental yield. Positioned for short-term rentals, it boasts exceptional proximity to Vilnius Town Hall, a mere 150 meters away.


Under the management of Daumantas Mikučionis, the project owner and a seasoned professional with extensive experience in apartment management, this venture has already demonstrated success. With a focus on short-term rentals, the units have generated consistent cash flow for over two years, projecting a rental income of EUR 60,000 in the upcoming calendar year.


Daumantas Mikučionis, known for his brand Domillion and praised on platforms like Airbnb, manages several similar buy-to-let projects successfully on the InRento platform. Investors in Didžioji 11, Vilnius IV have the additional benefit of a Timeshare, offering free accommodation for investments of EUR 5,000 or more.


Investors can anticipate a fixed interest rate of 7.5% – 7.9% per annum, dependent on their investment amount, with monthly payouts. The project also includes a fixed annual capital growth rate of 1.5%, enhancing the overall yield to between 9% and 9.4% annual return. The mortgage agreement is in place, ensuring prompt interest accrual for investors upon fund disbursement.

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