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WIR BEWEGEN.SH Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with WIR BEWEGEN.SH platform

WIR BEWEGEN.SH Crowdfunding Platform

WIR BEWEGEN.SH is a donation platform initiated by the Schleswig-Holstein Investment Bank (IB.SH) with the aim of promoting social projects in the region. Founded in 2015, the platform focuses on supporting projects in various categories including education, health, culture, togetherness & help, sport, animals, and the environment. Operating exclusively in Germany, WIR BEWEGEN.SH provides a space for individuals and organizations to contribute towards causes that make a positive impact on society.

As a donation-based platform, WIR BEWEGEN.SH allows users to make contributions starting from as little as 1 EUR. The platform does not specify the total number of donors or the total amount donated, indicating a focus on the impact and outcomes of the projects supported rather than just the monetary figures.

By offering a diverse range of categories for social projects, WIR BEWEGEN.SH caters to a wide variety of causes that are important to the community. Whether it's supporting educational initiatives, improving healthcare services, fostering cultural activities, promoting togetherness and assistance, enhancing sports programs, protecting animals, or conserving the environment, the platform provides a platform for individuals and groups to make a difference in these areas.

Through its partnership with the Schleswig-Holstein Investment Bank, WIR BEWEGEN.SH leverages the bank's expertise and network to ensure that the donated funds are allocated effectively and efficiently to support projects that align with the platform's mission and values. This collaboration enhances the credibility and transparency of the platform, reassuring donors that their contributions are being utilized for meaningful and impactful causes.

Overall, WIR BEWEGEN.SH serves as a vital link between donors and social projects, facilitating a culture of giving and community support in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. By providing a platform for individuals and organizations to contribute towards causes that matter to them, WIR BEWEGEN.SH plays a significant role in driving positive change and making a difference in the region.