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zrzutka.pl Crowdfunding Platform

Zrzutka.pl is a fundraising platform that has made a significant impact in Poland since its establishment in 2013. It provides a space for individuals and groups to create fundraising campaigns for a wide range of causes, all without any fees or charges. The platform has gained immense popularity, with hundreds of thousands of users initiating over 1 million fundraisers, resulting in a staggering total of more than €258 million raised (equivalent to over 1 billion zlotys).

One of the key features of Zrzutka.pl is its commitment to being a verified platform, ensuring the transparency and reliability of the fundraising campaigns hosted on the site. Users can trust that their donations are going directly to the intended cause without any hidden costs or intermediaries. The platform supports a diverse array of causes, including but not limited to startups, art, social causes, and sports, reflecting the broad spectrum of charitable initiatives that individuals can champion through Zrzutka.pl.

Zrzutka.pl has emerged as a leader in the crowdfunding landscape in Poland, facilitating impactful campaigns that have resonated with the community. Notable fundraisers on the platform include the #TogetherForUkraine initiative, which raised nearly €700,000, and the Crisis Helpline fundraiser, which generated over €380,000 in just two days. A standout moment in the platform's history was the fundraiser led by journalist Slawomir Sierakowski, who mobilized support to acquire a Bayraktar combat drone for Ukraine, amassing an impressive 24,836,380 zlotys (approximately €5,304,678) for the Ukrainian army.

Through its English and Polish language options, Zrzutka.pl has extended its reach beyond Poland, inviting a broader audience to participate in meaningful fundraising efforts. With its user-friendly interface, reliable donation mechanisms including credit card and bank transfer options, and a track record of successful campaigns, Zrzutka.pl continues to empower individuals and organizations to make a positive impact through collective generosity. Whether supporting local initiatives or contributing to global causes, Zrzutka.pl stands as a testament to the power of community-driven fundraising in driving positive change.