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Walliance Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

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How to Invest in Walliance

Walliance Crowdfunding Platform

Walliance is a digital platform founded in 2017 that simplifies investment and financing in real estate. Operating in France, Italy, and Spain, Walliance offers various financial instruments including Equity, Lending, and Debt. With an ECSP license number 19939, Walliance provides a verified platform for real estate investments.

The platform allows investors to participate in real estate projects with a minimum investment of 2,500 EUR and offers an advertised return of 9%. With a total funding volume of 105,012,398 EUR and 4,606 investors, Walliance provides opportunities for individuals to diversify their investment portfolios in the real estate sector.

Supported languages on the platform include English, Italian, and Spanish, catering to a diverse range of investors. With a country of registration and headquarters in Italy, Walliance operates in compliance with regulations and offers a transparent and user-friendly interface for investors to explore and engage in real estate opportunities.