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How to Invest in Zeste

Zeste Crowdfunding Platform

Zeste is an online platform founded in 2010 in France that offers the opportunity to participate in finance by supporting responsible and innovative projects. The platform operates under the ECSP license number 18003623 and focuses on reward-based investments. Zeste provides a space for individuals and businesses to invest in a variety of crowdfunding opportunities within the sustainability sector.

One of the key features of Zeste is its commitment to providing personalized support to campaign leaders. The platform believes in the power of community and values the strength that project leaders gain from their supporters. Unlike many other crowdfunding platforms that operate on an "All or nothing" model, Zeste allows project leaders to access the funds raised from the very first euro collected. This approach ensures that project leaders can benefit from the support of their backers throughout the fundraising process.

Zeste's success in the world of participatory finance can be attributed to its user-friendly and secure online platform. Through Zeste, individuals can easily make donations to projects that resonate with them and potentially receive a return in exchange. The platform showcases a diverse range of projects, including documentaries, farms, cooperative supermarkets, artistic ventures, and more, all of which are committed to promoting sustainability and innovation.

The Zeste team, led by Aurélie and Jean-Philippe, works closely with project leaders to guide them through their fundraising campaigns. This hands-on support ensures that project leaders have the best possible chance of reaching their funding goals. Zeste recognizes that the success of a campaign should not solely be determined by its "success rate" but should also take into account the unique challenges and realities of each project.

Zeste is a member of Financement Participatif France and welcomes both personal and corporate investors to participate in its crowdfunding opportunities. The platform's minimum investment amount is 1€, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals who are passionate about supporting sustainable and innovative projects. Zeste operates on a reward-based investment model, offering investors the opportunity to contribute to projects that align with their values and interests.

In conclusion, Zeste is a dynamic and supportive online platform that empowers individuals and businesses to engage in finance while making a positive impact on the world. Through its personalized approach, commitment to responsible projects, and user-friendly interface, Zeste has established itself as a valuable resource for those looking to support sustainability and innovation through crowdfunding.