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PlusPlus Crowdfunding Platform

PlusPlus is a crowdfunding platform founded in 2020, based in the Netherlands, that focuses on supporting agricultural businesses in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The platform operates with the primary goal of boosting food security and creating employment opportunities in these regions. PlusPlus offers investors the opportunity to provide loans to agricultural businesses, thereby fostering sustainable entrepreneurship and making a positive impact on communities in need.

The platform has a clear mission of supporting companies in the agriculture and food sector in developing countries, which play a crucial role in fighting poverty and preventing food shortages. Despite the importance of these businesses, they often struggle to secure the necessary financing for growth due to the inherent risks associated with agriculture, such as crop failures, transportation challenges, and climate-related issues. PlusPlus aims to bridge this gap by connecting a crowd of investors who understand the significance of supporting such ventures.

In addition to providing financial support, PlusPlus also offers training and advice to the entrepreneurs it backs, further enhancing their chances of sustainable growth and success. By combining financial assistance with guidance, PlusPlus aims to maximize the positive impact of its investments on local communities and contribute to long-term development in the agricultural sector.

Investors on PlusPlus can participate from various countries, provided they hold EU nationality and have a bank account with an IBAN. The platform emphasizes the importance of jobs and food security, especially in developing nations, and encourages investors to contribute meaningfully to these causes through their financial support.

PlusPlus operates on a debt investment model, where investors provide loans to agricultural businesses seeking to expand their operations. The platform does not charge any fees to investors for subscribing or providing loans through the platform, making it an accessible and cost-effective option for those looking to make a difference through impact investing.

Entrepreneurs seeking funding through PlusPlus pay a one-time fee, which helps cover operational costs and supports the platform in its mission to empower agricultural businesses in need. By facilitating connections between investors and entrepreneurs, PlusPlus creates a mutually beneficial ecosystem that drives sustainable growth and positive social impact in the agricultural sector.

Overall, PlusPlus stands out as a platform dedicated to leveraging the power of crowdfunding to support agricultural businesses in developing countries, ultimately contributing to food security, poverty alleviation, and economic empowerment in regions that need it most. Through its innovative approach to impact investing, PlusPlus is making a tangible difference in the lives of entrepreneurs and communities around the world.