RECrowd Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with RECrowd platform

RECrowd Crowdfunding Platform

RECrowd is a Viennese platform founded in 2018 that offers small investors the opportunity to participate in appealing real estate projects through crowd investing. The platform operates in Austria and holds an ECSP license number: 517252s. RECrowd specializes in debt investments within the real estate sector.

Investors can get involved with a minimum investment of 250 EUR and can expect an advertised return of 5-7.5%. RECrowd provides a user-friendly interface for individuals looking to diversify their investment portfolio with real estate opportunities. The platform supports multiple languages, with German being one of the primary options.

With RECrowd, investors have the chance to contribute to real estate projects in Austria, utilizing the platform's services to access investment opportunities that may have been previously out of reach. RECrowd aims to democratize real estate investing, allowing smaller investors to participate alongside larger institutions in lucrative projects.

Overall, RECrowd offers a transparent and accessible way for individuals to engage with the real estate market, providing a pathway for small investors to potentially benefit from the returns associated with this asset class. By leveraging the power of crowdfunding, RECrowd opens up new possibilities for those interested in real estate investment in Austria.