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Mogelijk Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with Mogelijk platform

Mogelijk Crowdfunding Platform

Mogelijk is a platform that offers commercial mortgage financing for entrepreneurs and investors in the Netherlands who are seeking alternative options to traditional banking. Founded in 2016, Mogelijk has positioned itself as a flexible and customer-friendly solution for those looking to secure financing for their commercial real estate ventures.

One of the key features of Mogelijk is its flexibility in terms of repayment. Unlike many traditional banking institutions that may penalize borrowers for making additional repayments or early payoffs, Mogelijk does not impose such penalties. This can be particularly attractive for borrowers who want the option to pay off their loans faster or make extra payments without incurring extra costs.

Mogelijk operates in the Netherlands and focuses on providing commercial mortgage loans to a diverse range of entrepreneurs and investors. By offering debt investments, Mogelijk allows individuals to participate in financing these loans and potentially earn returns on their investment.

The platform does not disclose specific details about the minimum investment amount, advertised return rates, total funding volume, or average loan duration. However, it is clear that Mogelijk caters to individuals interested in debt investments within the commercial real estate sector in the Netherlands.

As of now, Mogelijk's website does not list an ECSP license number. This may be due to the fact that the platform operates in the Netherlands and is subject to local regulations that do not require such a license. It is worth noting that Mogelijk conducts its operations in Dutch, which is the primary language of the Netherlands.

Overall, Mogelijk stands out as a platform that offers an alternative approach to commercial mortgage financing in the Netherlands. With its focus on flexibility, no penalty for additional repayments, and debt investment opportunities, Mogelijk provides a unique solution for those looking to secure funding for their commercial real estate projects.