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INVEST-T Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with INVEST-T platform

INVEST-T Crowdfunding Platform

INVEST-T is a real estate crowdfunding platform founded in 2020 in Italy. The platform operates under the ECSP license number BG - 470032 and specializes in P2P lending as its primary investment type. The core values of INVEST-T revolve around innovation, teamwork, and shared profit.

The platform was established by a team of experienced real estate entrepreneurs, namely Francesco Perino, Gianpietro Colleoni, and Michele Bonacina. These three professionals have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the real estate sector, and their goal with INVEST-T is to bring value to the market through innovation and a collaborative approach. They believe in the power of teamwork and sharing ideas to achieve common goals.

INVEST-T offers investors the opportunity to participate in various real estate crowdfunding projects that aim to generate profits for all parties involved. The platform functions as a cohesive team that works together to identify and execute successful investment opportunities. By leveraging their energy, skills, and industry know-how, the founders of INVEST-T strive to create a platform that benefits both investors and the real estate market as a whole.

Individuals and corporations can invest on the INVEST-T platform, with a minimum investment amount of 500 EUR. The investment model provided by INVEST-T is P2P lending, allowing investors to lend funds directly to real estate projects and earn returns based on the performance of those investments.

INVEST-T operates exclusively in Italy, focusing on crowdfunding opportunities within the real estate sector. The platform is regulated and ensures transparency through public statistics, providing investors with insights into the performance of their investments. Additionally, features such as buyback guarantees, signup bonuses, a secondary market, and auto-invest options enhance the overall investing experience on the platform.

Overall, INVEST-T stands out as a platform that combines industry expertise, innovation, and a collaborative spirit to deliver profitable real estate investment opportunities to investors in Italy. By fostering a culture of teamwork and shared success, INVEST-T aims to revolutionize the way real estate crowdfunding is approached, creating a platform where everyone can benefit from profitable investments in the real estate market.