KATRIM Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with KATRIM platform

KATRIM Crowdfunding Platform

KATRIM is a platform that was founded in 2008 in Germany, with a focus on providing investment opportunities exclusively in medium-sized German family-run businesses. The platform offers equity investments, allowing investors to participate in the growth and success of these businesses.

One of the key features of KATRIM is its emphasis on optimal diversification through a large portfolio of investments. By investing in multiple family-run businesses, investors can spread their risk and potentially achieve more stable returns over the long term. This approach also helps to support the broader German economy by backing smaller enterprises that play a vital role in driving economic growth and innovation.

For investors looking to get involved with KATRIM, the platform has a minimum investment requirement of 250 EUR. While the advertised return and specific details on investors, payment options, and total funding volume are not readily available, KATRIM presents an opportunity for individuals to support and benefit from the success of medium-sized family businesses in Germany.

Overall, KATRIM serves as a bridge between investors seeking opportunities in the German market and medium-sized family-run businesses in need of capital to fuel their growth and expansion. Through its focus on equity investments and diversification, KATRIM aims to create value for both investors and the businesses it supports, contributing to the sustainability and prosperity of the German business landscape.