Fund it Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with Fund it platform

Fund it Crowdfunding Platform

Fund it is an all-island crowdfunding platform specifically tailored for Irish creative projects, creating opportunities for pre-sales and fostering stronger connections between creators and their audience. Established in 2010, Fund it primarily operates in Ireland and focuses on reward-based investments.

Over the years, Fund it has played a vital role in supporting the Irish creative community by successfully crowdfunding over 1,700 diverse projects, ranging from new music albums to poetry collections, community events to photography exhibitions, and much more. The platform has been instrumental in empowering project creators by offering guidance and support throughout their crowdfunding journey, ultimately leading to a high success rate.

As the first Irish-owned crowdfunding website dedicated to creative ventures, Fund it has been a pioneer in its field. However, after 12 years of operation, Fund it ceased its activities on February 15, 2023. The decision to close the platform was influenced by the evolving crowdfunding landscape, with new commercial platforms emerging with enhanced functionalities and resources.

Fund it aimed to encourage greater individual contributions to the cultural sector and facilitate the pre-selling of creative projects. By engaging in crowdfunding on Fund it, backers not only supported the projects financially but also established a deeper connection with the creators, potentially leading to long-term relationships.

The platform offered investment opportunities in various creative industries, with a particular focus on the art sector. Investors could start contributing with as little as 1 euro, making it accessible to a wide range of supporters. Fund it operated on a reward-based investment model, providing backers with incentives or rewards based on their contribution.

Overall, Fund it has left a significant impact on the Irish creative landscape, empowering creators, engaging audiences, and facilitating the realization of innovative projects. While the platform is no longer active, its legacy of supporting and nurturing creativity within the Irish community continues to inspire and resonate within the crowdfunding industry.