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Conda Crowdfunding Platform

Conda is an Austrian crowd-investing platform that has been connecting entrepreneurs with over 40,000 international investors since its establishment in 2013. The platform specializes in equity investment and operates primarily in Germany. Conda places a strong emphasis on personal contact, regional proximity, and providing professional advice to ensure the success of the companies they work with.

As a pioneer in crowd investing for startups and SMEs, Conda has successfully financed more than 160 projects across Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The platform believes in supporting young and innovative entrepreneurs to help them realize their visions. With a community of over 40,000 investors, Conda offers individuals the opportunity to invest in companies across borders, promoting regional proximity while also allowing for cross-border investments.

Conda's commitment to personal contact and regional proximity extends to all stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, investors, partners, and their own team. By fostering relationships with regional partners, Conda enables investors to support businesses in their own communities while also staying closely involved with the companies they invest in. This approach allows for tailored support throughout the entire crowd investing process, ensuring a high level of service and individualized assistance.

With a highly qualified team, Conda leverages its expertise to select the best investment opportunities and provide professional guidance to entrepreneurs. The platform's broad partner network and engaged community contribute to the success of their crowdinvesting projects. Conda operates under an ECSP license number: D-F-155-AXYY-01 and is regulated to offer equity investments in Germany.

Conda welcomes both retail and institutional investors to participate in crowdfunding opportunities in various industries, primarily focusing on startups and SMEs. Investors can start with a minimum investment of 100 EUR, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals. The platform is a member of the Swiss crowdfunding association, further emphasizing its commitment to industry standards and best practices.

Overall, Conda provides a platform for investors to support innovative companies, foster regional development, and engage in cross-border investment opportunities. With its focus on personal relationships, professional guidance, and a diverse network of investors, Conda continues to play a significant role in the crowd investing landscape, facilitating connections between entrepreneurs and investors to drive business success and growth.