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Crowder.pro Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with Crowder.pro platform

Crowder.pro Crowdfunding Platform

Crowder.pro is a platform that offers investors the opportunity to indirectly invest in the real estate market to potentially earn more profit from their savings. The platform was established in 2020 in Poland with the aim of providing a solution for individuals who were witnessing their savings diminish rather than grow over time.

Crowder.pro operates under the ECSP license number 16568 and focuses on debt investments in the real estate sector. The platform caters to investors in Poland and supports both personal and corporate investments.

The primary goal of Crowder.pro is to assist investors in diversifying their investment portfolios by participating in crowdfunding opportunities within the real estate industry. By connecting investors with real estate projects, Crowder.pro aims to provide a platform for individuals to grow their savings through debt investments.

As a member of EUROCROWD, Crowder.pro adheres to regulatory standards and offers features such as buyback guarantees, public statistics, signup bonuses, a secondary market, and auto-invest options. The platform supports multiple languages, including English and Polish, to cater to a broader range of investors.

With a minimum investment amount of €1, Crowder.pro ensures accessibility for investors of varying financial capacities. By offering debt investment models, the platform provides a structured approach for individuals looking to participate in the real estate market without directly owning properties.

Overall, Crowder.pro serves as a bridge between investors seeking to grow their savings and real estate projects in need of funding. Through its user-friendly interface and investment opportunities, Crowder.pro aims to empower investors to make informed decisions and potentially benefit from the real estate market's profitability.