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Crowdberry Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

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How to Invest in Crowdberry

Crowdberry Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdberry is an investment platform founded in 2015 that allows private investors to invest directly in Czech and Slovak companies and real estate projects, helping them create long-term value. The platform believes that thriving startups and SMEs are essential for Europe's future prosperity and aims to become a growth catalyst in the region.

With over €100 million in assets under management, Crowdberry offers investment opportunities with tickets ranging from €0.1 to €5 million. It has supported the growth of more than 70 pre-seed, seed, and growth-stage companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Additionally, Crowdberry operates several subsidiaries, including a seed VC Fund managed by CB Investment Management, a qualified investors fund focusing on real estate investments (CB Property Investors), and a social impact investment fund called CB ESPRI.

Crowdberry's investment model is based on equity, providing investors with the opportunity to participate in various crowdfunding opportunities in sectors such as startups, SMEs, sustainability, health & science, social causes, education, and sports. The platform is regulated and operates in Slovakia, catering to investors who are 18 years and older.

In terms of fees, Crowdberry does not charge any entry or exit fees for using the platform. Instead, the platform generates revenue from consultancy services and successful campaigns by taking a percentage of the raised capital and the appreciation of an investor's investment. If investors receive a positive return, Crowdberry will charge 12% of the net return for managing the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).

Investors can start investing on Crowdberry with a minimum amount of €5,000. The platform offers a user-friendly experience with features like buyback guarantee, public statistics, signup bonus, secondary market, and auto-invest. Crowdberry operates in multiple languages, including English, Slovak, and Czech, to cater to a diverse investor base.

Overall, Crowdberry provides a transparent and secure investment platform for private investors looking to support businesses and real estate projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia while aiming to drive economic growth and promote entrepreneurship in the region.