Benkey Crowdfunding Platform For Online Fundraising in 2024

Crowd Investing and Fundraising with Benkey platform

Benkey Crowdfunding Platform

Benkey is a P2P lending platform founded in 2020 and based in the Netherlands. The platform operates with a strong focus on prioritizing customer interests over financial gains, ensuring that the alignment of investor and client interests is maintained for a healthy balance that benefits all parties involved.

In the financial world, the interests of customers and financial service providers often diverge. For instance, traditional financial institutions may prioritize their risk policies over the progress of a client's real estate investment. Similarly, in stock trading, transaction costs can incentivize overly active trading instead of more profitable passive investing strategies. Benkey seeks to address these issues by aligning the interests of investors with those of their clients, aiming to restore a healthy balance that benefits everyone involved.

Benkey offers investment opportunities primarily in the real estate sector through various crowdfunding options. Investors on the platform can be individuals or corporate entities. The minimum investment amount required to participate on Benkey is €100,000. The platform operates on a P2P lending model, providing investors with the opportunity to lend funds directly to borrowers within the real estate sector.

By focusing on customer interests, Benkey aims to create a transparent and mutually beneficial investment environment. The platform does not disclose specific statistics on investors, returns, or total funding volume. Additionally, there is no information available on a buyback guarantee, public statistics, signup bonuses, secondary market options, or auto-invest features on the platform.

Overall, Benkey's commitment to prioritizing customer interests and fostering alignment between investors and clients sets it apart in the P2P lending space. Through its operations in the Netherlands, the platform aims to provide a reliable and ethical investment opportunity for those looking to participate in the real estate sector while ensuring a fair and balanced approach for all stakeholders involved.