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19 days ago

Transform Board Games into a Stylish Part of Your Home Decor!

75,000 kr
/ min. 1 kr

ShelfMade is a budding company without a registered CVR number, seeking funding to establish itself and launch its unique product line. The minds behind this venture, Thomas and Ulrich, have been friends for many years, sharing a passion for board games and social activities. Now, they are embarking on a new adventure with ShelfMade.


ShelfMade aims to take classic board games and transform them into aesthetically pleasing books that seamlessly integrate with any home decor. The design of these books follows the principles of Scandinavian interior design. The first product in this series will be chess, with plans to expand into a range of games over time.


The idea for ShelfMade originated from a personal experience. Thomas had all his board games hidden away in a TV cabinet. Upon discussing this, Thomas and Ulrich realized that many people in Denmark keep their board games out of sight. They saw this as a missed opportunity, as hidden games not only collect dust but also are often forgotten and underused. Their solution is to create a product that not only serves as a high-quality board game but also as an attractive book that can be displayed on a shelf or bookcase. This dual function encourages more frequent gameplay and adds a decorative element to the home.


With their product, ShelfMade envisions creating a market for visually appealing board games that promote more frequent use. They understand from personal experience that when a game is stored away and difficult to access, it seldom becomes the highlight of the evening. Additionally, the hassle of fitting games back into a crowded drawer can be frustrating. ShelfMade's games are designed to be visually striking, easy to access, and serve as great conversation starters.


The funding will be used to establish the company. This includes building a substantial inventory, setting up an online store, and ordering materials for shipping the products. Thomas and Ulrich are calling for support to help launch ShelfMade and support Danish entrepreneurship. They emphasize the importance of reaching their funding goal to turn their dream into reality.


Upon receiving the desired amount, they will place their first large order and begin the process of establishing and selling their products. It will take approximately 2-3 months to receive the order, after which they will be ready to bring their dream to life. The pictures above showcase the final prototype for their chess game, offering a glimpse into what they aim to deliver.


Join Thomas and Ulrich in transforming the way we store and play board games. With your support, ShelfMade can make board games a beautiful and functional part of your home decor, encouraging more frequent and enjoyable gameplay. Help them achieve their goal and be part of bringing this innovative idea to life!