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The Voiceless

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Support "The Voiceless": Crowdfunding for a Book Highlighting Injustice in Danish Public Systems


Support the creation of a book shedding light on the plight of Danes facing a lack of legal protection in public decisions. Countless Danes, particularly the sick, vulnerable, and impoverished, find themselves on the receiving end of erroneous governmental decisions. Whether in matters of disability, child welfare, healthcare, social services, or employment, many citizens endure unjust rulings.


Annually, Ankestyrelsen receives 50,000 complaints from individuals contesting incorrect or illegal decisions by public authorities. While some cases are overturned, forcing municipalities to rectify their errors, thousands are dismissed, leaving many Danes too overwhelmed to challenge their circumstances. This widespread lack of legal protection undermines citizens' trust in the welfare system, leaving them feeling abandoned by the very institutions meant to assist them.


This crowdfunding campaign aims to finance a book featuring narratives from those affected by this injustice, detailing how wrongful decisions and the struggle for justice have impacted their lives. These stories will be narrated by prominent figures in a 24-hour marathon streaming event from Christiansborg.


The goal is to draw attention to the pervasive injustice, compelling policymakers to take action towards ensuring greater legal protection for citizens in the mentioned areas, and beyond.




This initiative is spearheaded by Alternativet and supported by Enhedslisten, Næstehjælperne, Jobcentrets ofre, Dansk Handicap Forbund, and LOBPA. Funds raised will finance a book titled "The Voiceless," showcasing the experiences of Danes facing injustice across Denmark.


These individuals may include those with disabilities denied essential aids despite legal entitlement, or the chronically ill coerced into worsening conditions through mandatory job training programs, despite medical evidence of their severe health issues. The book will also feature stories of families enduring the illegal removal of their children.


Over the past decade, Ankestyrelsen has received half a million complaints, resulting in thousands of overturned cases. However, despite rampant rule violations, no sanctions have been imposed on municipalities, allowing them to flout regulations with impunity.


The book, "The Voiceless," is scheduled for release in autumn 2024, accompanied by a grand reception. Subsequently, the stories of the voiceless will be presented in a 24-hour live-streamed reading from Christiansborg, featuring notable Danes, social activists, and politicians.




This crowdfunding effort aims to finance the publication of "The Voiceless." We seek to raise 55,000 DKK through the digital platform Boomerang.dk over a six-week period.


Contributors donating a minimum of 50 DKK will receive an e-book version of the book, or they can opt for a physical copy from one of five locations in Denmark. Larger associations, social media groups, and organizations supporting the project will also be recognized as contributors in the book.