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2 months ago

Taste of Sunshine - Bornholm Spirits for Summer Celebrations

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About This Deal

Bornholm Spirits – Crafted from Ancient Traditions with Local, Handpicked Ingredients


Syp from FALK Bornholm is a softer, milder, sweeter, fresher, more feminine, floral, and light liqueur. It's a spirit that you won't encounter in many places other than Bornholm. Traditionally, honey syp was made for Christmas and Easter. This pure spirit is blended with honey, historically used to mask the taste of homemade spirits, whereas today, vodka or a neutral-flavored schnapps is commonly used as a base.


The alcohol content in syppen is usually around 25% vol., and the flavor is derived from ingredients handpicked in the Bornholm nature. The rhubarb syp is crafted with fresh rhubarbs, elderflower syp with newly blossomed elderflowers, and forest berry syp with berries from local forests and old plantations. The juice from berries and fruits reduces the alcohol percentage, giving the spirit a gentle liqueur-like taste. Syppen can be enjoyed as an alternative to a snaps for lunch, paired with cheese, dessert, or coffee. It's also versatile enough for cocktails or as shots for festive occasions.


The production of syppen is carried out sustainably and with minimal impact on nature, aiming to enhance the storytelling of traditional spirit production. The locally produced honey is used both as a sweetener and a flavor enhancer, representing a sustainable choice compared to other additives. The syppen is filtered through handheld filters and bottled through handheld funnels with a jug. The production process is slow and meticulous, resulting in approximately 440 bottles per batch.


FALK Bornholm has previously crowdfunded through boomerang.dk, and this year, you can purchase your syppen for summer grill parties through Boomerang.


The suggested retail price per bottle is 300 DKK. When purchasing through boomerang.dk, you'll enjoy free shipping. Therefore, it's crucial to provide your name, address, phone number, and email during purchase for GLS track and trace purposes and to receive notifications about when to collect your package.


You must be 18 years or older to buy spirits.


Bottles will be shipped in weeks 12 and 13.


Flexible funding is utilized when the finalization of the project is not dependent on achieving 100% funding or more. In this case, funds are disbursed to the project owner even if the goal is not reached.

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