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2 months ago

Magasinet Naturen: A New Visual Journal on Denmark's Wild Nature

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About This Deal

Denmark boasts a rich and diverse wild nature, surrounded by seas, beaches, forests, meadows, and heaths, hosting a myriad of plant and animal species. However, this precious natural heritage is facing challenges from climate change, overexploitation, and various threats. The emergence of new species and the disappearance of others highlight the need for quality communication about Denmark's wild nature, targeting a broad audience interested in both species and ecosystems.


Magasinet Naturen has the potential to become a vital tool for ensuring the high-quality communication of Denmark's wild nature. The magazine aims to convey complex knowledge in an engaging manner, featuring stunning images and illustrations to create an informative and immersive experience for both nature enthusiasts and experts.


The content of Magasinet Naturen will be curated by leading nature writers, presenting the latest research on Danish flora, fauna, geology, and ecology. The magazine aspires to enhance Danish interest and awareness of the country's wild nature, illustrating its uniqueness and value while inspiring readers to experience and preserve it. Magasinet Naturen also aims to deepen understanding of Denmark's wild species, contributing to their conservation for future generations.


The magazine's objectives are:

  • Increase Danish interest and awareness of Denmark's wild nature.
  • Strengthen the Danish connection to nature.
  • Contribute to the conservation of Denmark's wild nature.


Magasinet Naturen sets itself apart as a unique magazine in Denmark with a direct focus on the country's wild nature. The ambition is to be Denmark's counterpart to National Geographic, combining substantive articles with powerful visuals. In addition to the printed magazines, the project includes an online platform for readers to explore and share knowledge and discoveries.


The project is led by Morten Top, an experienced nature communicator with over 40 years of expertise in natural communication through encyclopedias, articles, nature television, and photography. Local editors from various regions in Denmark, a mix of young and experienced nature experts, will contribute to the magazine.


The first issue of Magasinet Naturen is set to be released in the first half of 2024. Supporters have the opportunity to be part of this exciting project by backing the establishment of the inaugural edition. The goal is to shape Denmark's next significant nature magazine, preserving its unique natural heritage.


Supporting Magasinet Naturen goes beyond receiving a physical magazine; it's an investment in fostering a growing demand for nature knowledge and raising awareness about Denmark's exceptional natural wonders. The donation helps bring Magasinet Naturen to life, ensuring visually appealing and scientifically sound communication. All donations contribute to distribution, printing costs, and compensations for researchers and nature communicators, enriching the magazine's content with high-quality knowledge.