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This deal expires on 21.07.2024
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Invest in the World's Smallest Portable Ski Carrier

100 Fr
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About This Deal

Fritz Leimbacher from Glattbrugg, Switzerland, has developed a revolutionary product: the world’s smallest portable ski carrier. This innovative device offers a safe and convenient way to transport skis, suitable for all ski ends and snowboards. It can be mounted in just a few seconds, allowing skiers to roll their skis instead of carrying them on their shoulders. This method not only protects the skier's shoulder and jacket but also prevents potential harm or disturbance to other people. Ideal for travelers using public transportation like buses and trains, as well as for those moving from their car or hotel to the ski lift, this carrier is designed for everyone, including children and female skiers who may find it particularly challenging to carry skis.


The ski carrier is incredibly compact and can be stored neatly in a small bag, which fits easily into any jacket pocket. Weighing only 125 grams, it is exceptionally lightweight and adds minimal burden to the skier. As a patented Swiss product, it exemplifies the precision and quality associated with Swiss engineering.


Transporting skis from the hotel to the ski lift can be cumbersome due to the traditional methods of carrying them, which are often awkward and inconvenient. Mismanaged skis carried under the arm or on the shoulder can swing dangerously, posing a risk of injury to others. This innovative ski carrier addresses these issues by allowing skis to be rolled smoothly and effortlessly over various surfaces, including snow.


The ski carrier is easy to attach and detach, making it a versatile tool for all skiing enthusiasts. Its compact design ensures that it does not become an additional burden. This small but mighty product is designed to make the skiing experience more enjoyable by alleviating the physical strain of carrying skis and minimizing the risk of damage to both the skis and the skier’s attire.


The funding sought for this project aims to bring the ski carrier to market. This includes scaling up production, establishing a robust distribution network, and enhancing the product’s features based on initial user feedback. By investing in this project, you are not only supporting an innovative solution that makes skiing more accessible and enjoyable but also contributing to the growth of a Swiss-made product that embodies innovation, practicality, and superior craftsmanship.


With the funding in place, the first batch of these ski carriers will be produced and ready for distribution within a few months. Fritz Leimbacher and his team are committed to ensuring that this product reaches as many skiers as possible, transforming the way skis are transported and making the overall skiing experience safer and more pleasant.


Join us in revolutionizing ski transportation. Your investment will help us bring this unique and practical product to the global market, supporting skiers everywhere in their pursuit of enjoyment and convenience on the slopes. Together, we can make skiing a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.