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This deal expires on 30.06.2024
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Green Energy Bond

/ max. 254,000 

About This Deal

The Green Energy Bond offers investors an opportunity to participate in sustainable energy projects with a promising return of 9% per annum. This investment product takes the form of a subordinate bond, issued with the ISIN/WKN code AT0000A3C697, and each bond carries a nominal value of EUR 250. With a minimum subscription of just one unit, the bond aims to raise a total of €5,000,000, with a funding threshold set at €200,000.


The bond has a maturity date set for June 30, 2030, with interest payments commencing from June 30, 2025, and calculated using the 30/360 method. Investors can expect a single lump-sum repayment at maturity. The offering is available in Austria and Germany, facilitated by CONDA Capital GmbH under ECSP - VO license.


Investing in the Green Energy Bond represents a significant contribution to the sustainable and clean transformation of the energy supply. The projects funded by this bond primarily involve municipalities and renowned Austrian companies as project partners and electricity consumers. Given current estimates indicating a doubling of energy demand by 2040, the expansion of renewable energy sources is imperative, with this bond playing a crucial role in financing such initiatives.


Funds raised through the Green Energy Bond will be directed towards the establishment of renewable energy facilities. These projects will be executed exclusively in collaboration with reliable contractors, utilizing proven quality components to ensure reliability and longevity.

Peter Gönitzer, the brain behind the Green Energy Bond, emphasizes the importance of community-driven energy solutions and underscores the attractive investment opportunity presented by the bond, offering high returns with minimal risk.


Super Power Generation GmbH, a subsidiary of Nobilegroup, spearheads the implementation of these projects. Backed by the expertise of Peter Gönitzer and Lorena Skiljan, the Nobilegroup has a track record of success in creating sustainable energy solutions. With over 13 completed installations and numerous projects in the pipeline, the group is a leader in the field, facilitating annual CO² savings of 91 tons through its energy community initiatives.


The future outlook for the Green Energy Bond is promising, given the increasing demand for local renewable energy installations. The bond not only offers investors an avenue for stable and sustainable investment but also contributes to the global imperative of transitioning towards renewable energy sources to combat climate change.


With the proceeds from this funding round, Super Power Generation GmbH aims to meet a substantial portion of the growing demand for energy installations, thereby solidifying its position as a key player in the renewable energy sector.