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Empowering Mexican Entrepreneurs: Invest in Creze 15 for Sustainable Business Growth

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About This Deal

Eduardo's experience with Creze reflects the potential impact of your investment on SMEs in Mexico. Creze 15 seeks to empower around 10 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), addressing financial challenges prevalent in the Mexican business landscape.


Eduardo, a participant in the advertising display sector, approached Creze in 2022 to secure a loan for a new printing machine. Creze's efficient and flexible loan process played a pivotal role in supporting Eduardo, who faced challenges due to the absence of a credit history when seeking loans from traditional banks. With Creze, Eduardo not only obtained financial assistance but also had the opportunity to build a credit history for better future financial conditions.


Personalized interactions with Creze assisted Eduardo in navigating the dynamic landscape of raw material costs and market unpredictability, crucial for businesses operating in sectors like advertising displays. Your investment contributes to the growth of micro, small, and medium-sized businesses in Mexico by providing tailored financing solutions to meet the unique needs of local entrepreneurs.


In Mexico, SMEs contribute 60% to formal productive employment, with 4 million businesses. However, over half of these SMEs face difficulties accessing necessary financing. Creze addresses this issue through its digital lending platform, offering fast and flexible lending solutions. The Creze 15 loan specifically aims to finance around 10 SMEs in sectors such as retail, industrial, technology, construction, transportation, and telecommunications. Notably, 25% of the supported companies are women-owned, contributing to reducing the SME financing gap, job creation, and improving the livelihoods of Mexican entrepreneurs.


With an annual interest rate of 7% and a 36-month maturity, the Creze 15 loan features an 18-month principal grace period. Monthly repayments start from the first month, consisting solely of interest during the grace period. Starting from the 19th month, you receive monthly payments covering both principal and interest. It's crucial to note the currency risk, as the loan is in USD, while your investment is in EUR. Exchange rate fluctuations may impact returns.


Founded in 2015, Creze operates as a balance sheet lender based in Mexico City. Disbursing over $68 million USD since its inception, Creze focuses on providing working capital to SMEs across various industries. The digital lender offers an efficient online loan application process, with approval times between 24 and 48 hours. Backed by reputable family offices in Mexico and institutional lenders, Creze has built a strong foundation with a team of over 60 experienced professionals.